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Case Study

15t Foundry Shaker


Case Parameters

General Properties
Equipment Type: Screen
Industry: Foundry
Physical Properties
Unit Length: 4060 mm
Unit Width: 3180 mm
Unit Height: 2200 mm
Unit Weight: 1500 kg
Capacity: 20 tph
Product Sand
Drive Type: Sub Resonant
Liner Type
Support Type Steel Coil Spring
Trough Construction Mild Steel
Cover Type
Motor Quantity 2
Support Location Bottom


A Tasmanian based foundry processed extremely heavy castings and needed a sand recovery system. The castings were a minimum of 500kg and needed to be cleaned from all of the casting sand.


Vibroflow supplied a vibratory shakeout for this application. The unit is of a heavy duty design which is needed to cope with the heavy castings.

Fresh castings are placed on top of the shaker. As the unit operates, it vibrates off all of the foundry sand and discharges it through a welded mesh. The casting is then removed and further processed.

This unit has dimensions of 3m x 3.5m x 2m high and weighs approximately 15 tonnes. It is driven by two 3.7kw motors through a sub resonant drive system.

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