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Case Study

CnD Finger Screen


Case Parameters

General Properties
Equipment Type: Screen
Industry: Recycling
Physical Properties
Unit Length: 4584 mm
Unit Width: 1706 mm
Unit Height: 2898 mm
Unit Weight: 4100 kg
Capacity: 120 tph
Product Construction and Demolition Waste
Drive Type: Sub Resonant
Liner Type Bisalloy
Support Type Steel Coil Spring
Trough Construction Mild Steel
Cover Type
Motor Quantity 1
Support Location Bottom


A company that specialises in the demolition of industrial and commercial buildings wanted a solution to reduce the costs associated with waste disposal. It was determined that the savings from disposing sorted product was worth the investment in a vibratory screen.

This client wanted an all in one solution that would remove all fines from plastic, plaster, timber, steel, brick, concrete and screed.

Product was to be fed via a 4 ton excavator with a capacity of 0.5m3

Expected capacity was 120tph of product


Vibroflow offered a two stage vibratory finger screen. The first deck was a finer screen with 10mm aperture. The second deck included a larger 40mm aperture. In between was a series of fingers which were designed to rotate material so that any stuck fines will fall off.

Two undersize discharge chutes were located on the side of the unit. All oversize was discharged over the end.

Due to the abrasiveness of CnD waste, all surfaces in contact with material were lined with Bisalloy.

A hopper style extension was included in the feed deck to allow for the excavator arm and 0.5m3 worth of product.

The client wasn't sure of how difficult their material would be to screen so requested a sub resonant drive system which would allow to fine tune the vibration levels for each product batch via VSD.

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