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Case Study

Low Profile Iron Ore Feeder


Case Parameters

General Properties
Equipment Type: Feeder
Industry: Mining
Physical Properties
Unit Length: 1260 mm
Unit Width: 3370 mm
Unit Height: 1154 mm
Unit Weight: 2900 kg
Capacity: 222 tph
Product Iron Ore
Drive Type: Sub Resonant
Liner Type Bisalloy
Support Type Steel Coil Spring
Trough Construction Mild Steel
Cover Type Bolted
Motor Quantity 2
Support Location Bottom


During operation, it was determined that material was not being withdrawn from a storage hopper. The solution was to install a feeder that would assist in material removal. However, as the plant was not designed for a feeding system there was very little space. 222tph of Iron Ore had to be withdrawn so the solution needed to be relatively heavy duty. There were 12 hoppers that needed a feeding solution.

The material was passing over a 3 meter wide magnetic separator and needed to be distributed evenly over this distance. The length of the feeder was also limited to approximately 800mm.

Feed rate control was required as well as a method to protect the trough from the abrasive wear of iron ore.


A sub resonant feeder with a concentrated drive was designed that would fit in the required space envelope. A sub resonant drive system was chosen because:

Bisalloy liners were attached to the trough surface to increase the life of the unit. However, during winter when when the product is wet, the liner is changed over to a Polyurethane type to minimise build up.

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