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Side stainless vibrating conveyor.

Sealed Vibratory Conveyor


The bagging process of a chemical plant required a reliable and uniform feed solution. Due to the nature of sodium cyanide, the unit was required to be dust and liquid tight.


A small sub resonant tuned vibratory conveyor was offered. This drive system was offered to allow fine feed rate control into the packaging system.

Fully bolted covers with hinged safety glass inspection windows were installed to seal the trough.

Provision for product flushing spray systems were included in the scope of supply.

Another key feature of this equipment is the ability to ‘pulse’. This allows an operator to temporarily increase the frequency and therefore the stroke to help free material that has binded to the trough surface.

Inlet sealed vibrating conveyor
Inlet sealed vibrating conveyor
Side stainless vibrating conveyor.
Side stainless vibrating conveyor.
Vibroflow Reference J156
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Cyanide
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Oscillating Mount
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 1
Length (mm) 2245
Width (mm) 812
Height (mm) 990
Capacity (tph) 3.4