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Stainless Screen
Washing system.

Stainless Screen


A scalping solution was needed for a cyanide processing facility in Queensland. There was a need for a unit that could be washed down automatically without any material being stuck in cracks or crevices.


The vibratory screen that was supplied for this application was of a sub resonant tuned design with a stainless steel trough.

The spray system was provisioned for via threaded plugs that are welded to the trough. Due to the automation of the cleaning system, glass inspection windows were installed to keep an eye on the status of the trough.

Stainless steel oscillating mounts were used to reduce the amount of vibration that was passed to the sub structure.

Sealed stainless vibrating screen.
Sealed stainless vibrating screen.
Side view of the vibrating screen.
Side view of the vibrating screen.
Washing system.
Washing system.
Vibroflow Reference J158
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Cyanide
Equipment Type Vibrating Screen
Drive Direct Drive
Support Oscillating Mount
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 1
Length (mm) 2245
Width (mm) 812
Height (mm) 990
Capacity (tph) 9
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