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Water separator feed end.

Vibratory Water Separator


An electronic waste recycling company needed to remove plastics and other light particles from glass waste. A high throughput was not required but the separation needed to be thorough.


A vibratory water separator was offered to provide the segregation required.

This unit is essentially an inclined sub resonant tuned vibratory conveyor with a stainless steel trough. A strong stream of water is discharged down the trough which washes away any light particles. Any particles that are heavier (ie glass), will vibrate up along the trough, against the flow of water and be discharge at the end.

Vibratory water separators are ideal for industries that need to separate materials with varying specific gravities such as recycling or mining. They are low cost, low volume alternatives to traditional floatation separators.

Water separator feed end.
Water separator feed end.
Vibrating water separator discharge.
Vibrating water separator discharge.
Vibrating water separator site.
Vibrating water separator site.
Vibrating water separator.
Vibrating water separator.
Vibroflow Reference J173
Industry Recycling
Product Electronic Waste
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 1
Length (mm) 3063
Width (mm) 1626
Height (mm) 869
Capacity (tph) 2