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12m Chemical Feeder


Rat holing and bridging were two reoccurring issues for a chemical plant in northern QLD. Material was being discharged via chute and would constantly not flow causing all kinds of production issues. The location of the hopper was also not ideal, the client wanted a solution that would transport material across the plant to a more suitable location.

Another major design consideration was the desire for the client to install a washout system to clean the unit in between batches.


Vibroflow offered two types of vibratory equipment to counter-act the flow issues. One is the 12m vibratory feeder showcased here. The second is the Chemical Bin Activator.

The vibratory feeder had to reliably discharge material from the hopper but also provide a means to transport it to a more desirable location. A sub resonant drive system was required as a direct drive unit would not have been able to cope with the capacities and distances.

A 304 stainless steel trough was used. A bolted cover system was installed to keep material from escaping. Seven glass inspection windows kept maintenance personnel informed on the status of the unit. The unit also provisioned for the installation of a water washout system, hot air circulation and a variety of product sensors.

The installation of the washout system created more complications as the vibratory feeder now had to be inclined so that the water would be discharged out the back.

Vibrating equipment for a chemical factory on route.
Vibrating equipment for a chemical factory on route.
Vibrating feeder and bin activator interfacing.
Vibrating feeder and bin activator interfacing.
Vibrating chemical conveyor on site.
Vibrating chemical conveyor on site.
Vibroflow Reference J160
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Cyanide
Equipment Type Vibrating Feeder
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 11586
Width (mm) 1889
Height (mm) 1848
Capacity (tph) 100
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