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Testing in factory.

Carbon Ore Slurry Screen


An ore processing company needed a vibratory carbon dewatering screen for their low tonnes high grade gold project. It needed to remove and clean granular carbon from slurry at a rate of 19 m3/h.


Vibroflow offered a carbon steel direct drive vibratory screen with polyurethane panels and all material contact surface areas lined with polyurethane. Polyurethane panels are economical due to the long wear life, minimal adhesion and low maintenance requirements. Overhead motors were installed for unit stability and ease of access.

An oversize discharge chute was installed to funnel material in a clean and efficient manner.

A 45 degree polyurethane impact deck was used to prevent impact wear on the feed end of the unit.

Features of this de-watering screen included:

  • Steel coil springs as isolating supports.
  • Discharge chute for oversize.
  • Open drop discharge for fine material.
  • 0.8 x 19mm aperture modular poly panels as screening media.
  • Two out of balance vibratory motors.
  • 45 degree impact deck.
Carbon ore slurry vibrating screen decks.
Carbon ore slurry vibrating screen decks.
Rendering of vibrating carbon ore slurry screen.
Rendering of vibrating carbon ore slurry screen.
Testing in factory.
Testing in factory.
Close up of poly panel decks
Close up of poly panel decks.
Vibroflow Reference J275
Industry Mining
Product Carbon Order Slurry
Equipment Type Vibrating Screen
Drive Direct Drive
Liner Polyurethane
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Mild Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 2441
Width (mm) 1460
Height (mm) 1175
Capacity (tph) 66