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Factory testing

Finger Screen


An Australian waste and recycling equipment supplier, needed a vibratory finger screen to screen C&D and C&I waste at a capacity of 25tph. The waste particles included: sand and aggregate, timber, green waste, steel and aluminium, plastics, cartons, paper and others. The required screen separation was approximately 80mm.

The screen was to be fed by a belt conveyor which is loaded by a front end loader. The product is going to be clumped together and the screen needed a method to break up and turn the material.


Vibroflow offered a sub-resonant tuned twin mass system with laser cut finger screening decks and finger bar decks. A long stroke was essential in this application to achieve effective material separation. Due to the bulky nature of the material to be processed, Vibroflow exploited the round profile of the finger bars to introduce extra rotation in the material.

Features of this sizing screen included:

  • Finger bar and finger decks as screening media.
  • Bisalloy 360 liners on all material contact surface areas.
  • Replaceable Inlet impact deck for feed from conveyor.
  • Front discharge for undersize material.
  • Front discharge for oversize material.
  • 10kW motors located on sides for easy access and maintenance.
Vibrating finger screen commisioning.
Vibrating finger screen commisioning.
Operation of vibrating screen on site.
Factory testing of vibrating finger screen for waste.
Factory testing
Vibroflow Reference J286
Industry Recycling
Product C and D Waste
Equipment Type Vibrating Screen
Drive Sub Resonant
Liner Bisalloy
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Mild Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 10000
Width (mm) 1780
Height (mm) 3914
Capacity (tph) 25