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Vibrating screen for battery dust sizing in factory.

Lithium Ion Dust Screen


An Australian battery recycler, adopted a new sustainability target to make sure all products that come into their yards leave as single material streams. To help achieve this target, the company invested in two sub resonant vibratory screens to size shredded Lithium Ion batteries. Since the batteries have gone through a shredding and granulating process, a large portion of the batteries are now in the form of dust.


Vibroflow offered two mild steel sub resonant screens. Due to the fine dust-like nature of the product to be recovered, the units were supplied with 0.5mm aperture woven wire mesh initially. A rubber ball deck system was also installed directly below the woven wire mesh, this provides for a constant cleaning of the screening surface as the vibration of the screen causes the rubber balls to bounce uncontrollably in all different directions thus hitting almost every region of the screening surface and thus shooting out the particles that get pegged in the fine mesh screen.

Features of this screen include:

  • Steel coil springs as the isolating supports.
  • Over end discharge chute for oversize.
  • Discharge chute for under size material.
  • 0.5mm aperture woven wire mesh with rubber ball deck system.
  • Two out of balance vibratory motors.
  • Steel covers with dust extraction tubes and product inlet chute.

Front view of battery dusty vibrating screen.
Two battery dust vibrating screens.
Two battery dust vibrating screens.
Vibrating screen for battery dust sizing in factory.
Vibrating screen for battery dust sizing in factory.
Rendering of battery dust vibrating screen.
Vibroflow Reference J266
Industry Recycling
Product Lithium Ion Batteries
Equipment Type Vibrating Screen
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Mild Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 4724
Width (mm) 848
Height (mm) 1257
Capacity (tph) 20