Australian Made Vibrating Screens and Vibrating Feeders

Long Sealed Chemical Conveyor


Product is loaded from five different points along a straight line and needs to be collected and discharged to one point.

All interfacing points need to be 100% sealed.

Material has a tendency to overload and as a result; overflow.


A sub resonant tuned vibratory conveyor with four inlet points, seven inspection windows and ten spray points was designed for this application.

The trough was fabricated from pressed sections and a laser cut lid which was tig welded and sealed.

The unit is mounted on oscillating mounts to minimise vibration transmitted to the floor during start-up and stopping.

Close up of inlet and windows on the vibrating conveyor.
Close up of windows and inlet.
Vibrating conveyor on truck ready for dispatch.
Ready for dispatch.
Vibratory conveyor fully sealed and tested.
Vibratory conveyor fully sealed and tested.
Factory testing of vibrating conveyor.
Factory testing of vibrating conveyor.
Vibroflow Reference J199-2
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Cyanide
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Oscillating Mount
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 8896
Width (mm) 986
Height (mm) 1317
Capacity (tph) 5
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