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Testing tubular conveyor performance.

Magnesia Conveyor


A system of two storage hoppers needed interfacing with a central bagging station. Deadburned magnesia in briquette form needed to be conveyed at a rate of 30T/h. The conveyors required a long life expectancy and also had to fit within the existing supporting structures. Wear was also an issue that needed to be addressed.


Vibroflow offered a mild steel 9mm wall thickness direct drive tubular conveyor with a symmetrical design to allow 180 degree tube rotation to extend tube life as well as save on replacement costs. Due to the restricted space limitations and existing frame, Vibroflow offered the flexibility to locate isolating supports at the top and/or the bottom of the unit.

Features of this unit included:

  • Tecnidea oscillating mounts as the isolating supports.
  • Inlet impact liner deck.
  • Inspection ports at both ends.
  • Flexible rubber seals on feed and discharge ends.
  • Rotatable tube for wear.
  • Moveable top and bottom mounted support brackets.

side rendering.
Tubular vibrating conveyor side rendering.
Testing of tubular vibrating conveyor.
Testing of tubular vibrating conveyor.
Tubular vibrating conveyor isometric rendering.
Tubular vibrating conveyor isometric rendering.
Vibroflow Reference J294
Industry Quarry / Mineral Processing
Product Deadburn Magnesia
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Direct Drive
Support Oscillating Mount
Construction Mild Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 6624
Width (mm) 1182
Height (mm) 772
Capacity (tph) 30