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Nickel Tubular Conveyor


Nickel dust and product wear was an issue in the WA based processing plant. Product needed to be transported over 9 meters and the client wanted to experiment with alternative conveyors to see if a more wear resistant and less dust emitting solution can be found.


A completely enclosed vibratory tube conveyor was offered. This unit was of a sub resonant design due to the length required.

The trough is made from standard stainless steel tube in three sections. The middle section is straight tube with flanges. This allowed it to be rotated as it wears which saves on replacement costs. The inlet end was re-enforced to provide long life. Both the inlet and outlet can be replaced.

This unit was to be installed on an elevated structure which was previously used for screw conveyors and was not very rigid. The use of the sub-resonant drive system eliminated the need to upgrade the supports.

Bolt able inspection windows are installed on the feed and discharge ends so that maintenance can keep an eye on the condition of the trough.

Side view of the nickel tubular vibrating conveyor.
Side view
Discharge end of vibrating tubular conveyor.
Discharge end of vibrating tubular conveyor.
Vibrating conveyor with tubular shape trough for nickel.
Side view
Vibroflow Reference J165
Industry Mining
Product Nickel
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 8702
Width (mm) 834
Height (mm) 1232
Capacity (tph) 20