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Prill Tower Feeder
Vibrating feeder after testing.

Prill Tower Feeder


Equipment was required that would take product sprinkled from a 20 meter high tower. Occassionally, product can build up on the walls of the tower and eventually drop in mass. This unit was designed heavy enough to receive a 1 tonne load from a 20 meter drop.


Trough design needed to extremely strong so as to avoid cracking upon impact. Thicker plates and reinforcement were used on the trough bottom.

The nature of the twin mass design provided a large spring deflection which allowed the unit to absorb more impact.

Spring rubber stoppers were used to prevent the springs from bottoming out and failing.

Vibrating feeder after testing.
Vibrating feeder after testing.
Vibroflow Reference J181
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Ammonium Nitrate
Equipment Type Vibrating Feeder
Drive Sub Resonant
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 10684
Width (mm) 1400
Height (mm) 1380
Capacity (tph) 52
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