Resin De-Watering
Factory testing.

Resin De-Watering


Two vibratory de-watering screens were required for a mining water treatment project to spray wash and de-water regenerated resin. The 2 screens were required at different stages, each processing approximately 75m3/h of resin/water mixture.

Material was fed in a large batch which needed to be screened quickly to avoid blocking the process.

The unit needed to be tested with product in the factory to determine suitability and a solution was needed to prevent product splashing as it hits the screen deck.


Vibroflow offered a stainless steel direct drive screen with a 0.4mm aperture woven wire stainless steel mesh for the screening media. Two 6 pole electro-mechanical vibratory motors along with the unit’s 5 degree decline were used to achieve efficient de-watering at 30T/h.

Features of this de-watering screen included:

  • Bolted cover system with removable inspection windows to prevent splashing.
  • Steel coil springs as the isolating supports.
  • 0.4mm aperture woven wire stainless steel mesh screening media.
  • Inlet impact deck.
  • Two discharge chutes – one for slurry and one for oversize.
  • The unit’s inclination angle was adjustable due to angle pivot supports.
  • The covers allow for spray bars to help move material.
Factory testing.
Factory testing.
Close up of mesh on the vibrating screen.
Mesh close up.
Isometric rendering of dewatering vibrating screen
Vibroflow Reference J285
Industry Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt
Product Resin
Equipment Type Vibrating Screen
Drive Direct Drive
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 2600
Width (mm) 1424
Height (mm) 1288
Capacity (tph) 30