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Nut vibrating conveyor on floor.

Vibratory Nut Conveyor


A client needed a hygienic method to transport roasted nuts from an oven into a bucket elevator for further processing.

During oven startup, nuts are fed through but are rejected. The client also wanted a method of discharging the rejects to the side.

The oven also caused other issues with discharge as the area is quite large and material is difficult to catch.


Vibroflow offered a direct drive vibratory conveyor to receive material from the oven and feed into the bucket elevator.

Build material is a food grade stainless steel (316). In order to overcome the reject discharge, Vibroflow installed a removable side chute that, when installed, will discharge all material to the side.

Vibroflow increased the catchment area by installing a high side wall which would force the nuts to bounce back into the trough.

Nut vibrating conveyor on floor.
Nut vibrating conveyor on floor.
Vibrating conveyor for nuts.
Vibrating conveyor for nuts.
Side discharge gate on vibrating conveyor.
Side discharge gate on vibrating conveyor.
Vibroflow Reference J178
Industry Food / Pharmaceutical
Product Nuts
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Direct Drive
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Stainless Steel
Motor Qty 2
Length (mm) 3046
Width (mm) 517
Height (mm) 767
Capacity (tph) 0.75