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De-watering Screen


A company was needing to replace a fatigued and cracked de-watering screen to de-water slurries, rock and sand to 2mm. The current screen was space and height limited.


Vibroflow offered a mild steel de-watering screen using polyurethane mats.

Features of this unit included:

  • 5 x 10 panels.
  • 3364 length x 1525 width.
  • Screen handles 2/3t liquid solids.
  • Motor rotation to horizontal and changed to 6 pole motors with provision for 8 pole.
  • Narrowing discharge for oversize.
  • Inclining screen deck with declining undersize.
  • Steel coil springs.
  • Adjustable angle on isolators to further decline or incline the unit.
  • Rubber lining on all material contact surfaces.
  • Under pan to discharge undersize towards the front of the unit.