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Fertiliser Cooling and Screening System


A company were after a machine to cool fertilizer and then transfer to a screen to size.


Vibroflow built a mild steel 4m fertilizer cooler which then discharged onto a triple deck vibrating screen which sized the fertilizer to 8mm, 5mm and 2mm.

Vibratory 3 Deck Screen features:

  • 2 vibratory motors
  • Oscillating mounts
  • Woven wire screen cloth screening system made from high tensile steel wire

Vibratory Fluid Bed Cooler features:

  • Trough made from mild steel
  • 2 vibratory motors
  • Vibration isolating system including bottom mounted oscillating mounts
  • Clamped rubber seal system on discharge

Cooling system consisting of:

  • Air inlets located on side of trough
  • System of covers with air exhaust ports
  • Screening media support frame