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Case Study

Vibratory Sorting Conveyor


Case Parameters

General Properties
Equipment Type: Conveyor
Industry: Foundry
Physical Properties
Unit Length: 3300 mm
Unit Width: 1577 mm
Unit Height: 924 mm
Unit Weight: 2100 kg
Capacity: 30 tph
Product Casting
Drive Type: Sub Resonant
Liner Type Bisalloy
Support Type Steel Coil Spring
Trough Construction Mild Steel
Cover Type
Motor Quantity 2
Support Location Bottom


Two separate foundry casting product lines were being discharged into the same point. As the castings are heavy, there are issues with staff sorting them apart. The product is also very hot which disallows the use of a belt conveyor.


A vibratory conveyor was designed with two separate discharge ends and a manually operated gate that would force product to one side or another.

The conveyor is powered by a sub resonant tuned drive system for the sake of energy efficiency and tunability.

This unit is lined with Bisalloy 80 liners to prevent from premature wear from the abrasive castings.

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