Vibroflow Mining Feeders and Screeners

Vibroflow mining feeders and screens are tailored to suit your specific operational requirements. We provide expert consultancy for your business to ensure we are able to build fully-optimised solutions. Our mining feeders and screens are designed to provide high efficiency and are suited for use as reliable and hardworking components in any mineral processing operation.

How they work

Our mining feeders and screeners are designed for all common bulk material handling production lines in mining, power generation, and mineral processing facilities. Our feeders and screens are robust and no-nonsense solutions for handling materials including ores, coal, aggregate, sand, powders, grain, and more specialised materials, including lignite coal.

Vibroflow mineral feeders

Our mineral feeders are a vital component in any mining processing scenario, offering more efficient movement, monitoring and material flow control. Our feeders help mining processes become more efficient by assisting in removing fine or foreign materials and generating high yield even with difficult to manage minerals. Vibroflow feeders are designed for constant operation and maximum energy efficiency.

Vibroflow mineral screens

Our mining screens are designed to maximise efficiency when scalping and classifying minerals. Our equipment is highly adaptable and scalable to your operational volume, situational and efficiency requirements. Our systems are designed to be used as stand-alone screens or can be adapted to meet existing, current or future production line requirements. Vibroflow screens are specifically designed to meet the challenges of Australian conditions with robust, damage-resistant, and energy efficient engineering.

Why choose Vibroflow Mining feeders and screens?

Our expert consultation staff can provide all necessary information and advice for your individual needs. We offer our customers local sales and design support to assist them in making an informed and intelligent decision when planning, designing, installing and operating our equipment.

Who are Vibroflow?

Vibroflow is a proudly Australian-owned and operated business and industry-leading heavy-industry Manufacturer. We have been consulting, designing, building, installing and maintaining vibratory equipment for heavy industry since 2002. We make every effort to ensure our products are made by Australians to Australian standards and that our operation is supported by local suppliers and service providers.

Working with us ensures faster delivery, higher quality, localised experience and support.

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