Our recycling vibrating screens

As a leading recycling vibrating equipment manufacturer here in Australia, we have lots of experience providing our satisfied customers with the tools and technology they need.

The vibrating screens we design provide many benefits to our clients when it comes to splitting up material and sorting it into separate groups. For those in the recycling sector, it's especially vital that this process works well.

Bulk recycling either from domestic or commercial sources can sometimes get mixed up, especially if you operate in an area where best practices for recycling have not yet been embedded in the public mindset. As a result, a vibratory screen which can quickly and efficiently sort through different types of material is essential.

We can customise your basic recycling vibratory screen to your needs no matter what they might be. For example, we can install a range of liner materials inside your screen for maximum protection and to ensure long-term sustainability without the need for constant repair work to be carried out. If you collect a lot of bottles, cans or food waste, for example, you may find it prudent to cover your recycling vibratory screen in polyurethane to protect against leaking liquids or other sources of stickiness.

About Vibroflow

Vibroflow was first set up in 2002, and ever since then our hard-working team of Australia-based engineers have been one of the leading recycling screens manufacturers in Australia.

And, with 30 years' or more worth of experience working in the wider sector, Vibroflow's team members bring a lot of technical expertise to the table. That means we can advise you on the best recycling vibrating screens for your project in a clear and engaging way.

The whole of our business is based here in Victoria, and we don't import any of the items used in our products. As a result, the service you receive is tailored to the needs of modern Australian business thanks to our in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by different heavy industries. What's more, you won't need to wait around for deliveries because we don't rely on any international supply chains.

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