Fertiliser vibrating screen.
Fertiliser vibrating scalping screen.

Vibrating scalping screens are traditionally used to remove impurities or oversize in a bulk material process. Also known as trash screens they can help protect the plant from unwanted contamination.

Common applications for scalping screens includes:

  • Removing material that has clumped together in the manufacturing process.
  • As insurance against impurities that may fall into the material during processing or storage.
  • Preventing oversize particles from blocking equipment such as transfer chutes or crushers.
Small salt scalping screen

As a large percentage of the material will pass through, the screen size area does not need to be as large compared to a sizing screen.

To pass the volume of product through, scalping screens are typically designed with an open trough discharge.

Woven wire is typically used as it has a large open area which results in smaller screen sizes required.

Retro fitting scalping screens to existing plants is a common practice as unforeseen contaminants affect plant operations significantly. Compact units, installed at transition points and other areas where space is limited can be designed by Vibroflow.

Front of the vibrating fertiliser screen.
Front of the vibrating fertiliser scalping screen.