On site vibrating feeder.
Vibrating feeder suspended from a hopper on site.

The best way to provide an evenly distributed feed of material on site is through a mining vibrating feeder. These units are heavy duty with thick abrasive resistant liners to allow for a heavy impact loading or large capacities. Interfacing is usually between equipment that cannot take heavy loads such as vibrating screens or conveyor belts.

Bisalloy and polyurethane liners are the common lining materials for trough surfaces on mining vibrating feeders. Bisalloy is used when there is an impact load coming from batch loaders. Ceramics are very common but care must be taken to avoid any impact that will prematurely break these.

Vibrating feeder used on mine site.
Vibrating feeder used on mine site.

Troughs are very likely to be made of mild steel with min 8mm plate thickness to cope with the stresses of mine site life. For more specialised requirements, stainless steel troughs are used if there is water involved inside the product.

Vibrating feeders in the mines usually have a twin mass drive system to allow for large capacity builds. Direct drive units are occasionally installed when simplicity is preferred or material has a tendency to stick.