Vibrating feeders are used to withdraw or receive material and transport it uniformly for further processing.

vibrating feeder with integral hopper
Vibrating feeder with integrated hopper in the trough.

Common applications include:

  • Removing material from storage hoppers or silos.
  • Receive dumped loads from front end loaders or cranes.
  • Spread material evenly to fulfill process requirements.
  • Controlling output and distribution of material for receiving equipment.

Further information about the technology involved in the design and supply of vibrating feeders can be seen in the technology section on our website.

Vibroflow offers a wide selection of vibrating feeder designs to facilitate specific requirements. We can assist in the selection of the appropriate feeding technology to satisfy clients’ requirements. Contact us to discuss your application.

On site vibrating feeder.
Vibrating feeder suspended from a hopper on site.