Vibrating conveyors

Thanks to our extensive experience, here at Vibroflow we know how difficult it can sometimes be to transport problematic materials from one location to another.

Vibratory conveyors can help with this. Unlike a feeder, a vibratory conveyor is usually unable to manage significant headloads - but it can deal with a wide range of difficult materials.

Our clients frequently use our vibrating conveyors to move items with a number of difficult characteristics that make traditional movement technology a challenge, including noisy materials, materials with a very high temperature or materials which are sticky and may damage less sophisticated surfaces.

We are able to customise the vibrating conveyor we design and install for you. We can, for example, create a liner made from stainless steel with a low friction coefficient if a standard steel liner is not suitable.

About Vibroflow

Vibroflow has been operating as a vibrating conveyor manufacturer since 2002, and our team have extensive experience in the broader industry. That means we can provide you with specialist help, no matter what sector of heavy industry you work in.

We are completely Australia-based with headquarters in Victoria just south of Melbourne, and we don't use any imports or international supply chains. As a result, our customer service and support systems are local and we do not need to delay delivery of your product due to complicated international supply chains.

We are proud to make the most of the technical expertise here in Australia, and look forward to sharing it with you during the vibrating conveyor design process.

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