Hopper feeders: versatile and useful

The most common use of a hopper feeder is to take material out of a silo or to accept incoming loads from a crane, but there are other possible uses too. If you're looking to ensure material is distributed in an even fashion, for example, a hopper feeder is useful.

An advantage of a feeder with a hopper-style design like this is that the loads you put into it are protected from falling out, thanks to its tapered shape. Moreover, our hopper feeders are generally made from mild steel, although we also use stainless steel troughs if the project has extra requirements such as corrosion resistance.

Due to our technical experience, we can also provide customisation options. While our standard operating angles, for example, are horizontal to give you control over your feed rates, if you require a greater material speed then our team of designers can place your feeder on an incline.

About Vibroflow

Since Vibroflow was founded in 2002, we've been pleased to provide bespoke, customised vibratory equipment to clients in heavy industry across Australia.

Our engineers have been working in vibration technology for over 30 years, which means we can provide a strong service and the information you need to make a good choice when it comes to plant design.

Our manufacturing processes are entirely based in Australia. All of the hopper feeder equipment we provide is created to a high technical standard here in the country and is designed in-house, so we have no need to rely on imports.

We pass on this benefit by providing you with quick turnarounds on delivery, and you can work with us safe in the knowledge that you're making the most of premier Australian engineering expertise.

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