Vibrating Feeder

The vibrating feeder is a critical component of modern manufacturing and mining processes. Without it, the cost of raw materials and manufacturing would significantly increase, with everything from smartphones to common garden sand ballooning in price.

How does the modern vibrating feeder work?

There are a number of different vibratory feeder types available, however, while there are some small differences between them, they all share the same basic concept. Essentially they feed material from one machine to another using a combination of gravity and vibration.

Gravity is used to determine the direction of travel for the underlying material. Flow can be directed vertically or positioned to the side.

A vibrating conveyor is used to move the material along the line towards the feeder. Once the feeder is reached, the material is forced into a single line, where it is distributed into separate containers.

Note: Vibrating feeders form part of a production line that often contains other machinery and accessories including sifters, screeners, conveyors and trommels.

Additionally, the terms ‘vibratory conveyors’ and ‘vibratory feeders’ are used interchangeably. The primary difference is that a feeder will take a headload (ie. Withdraw from a hopper or take a dump truck) where a conveyor will take a continuous even feed.

The different types of vibrating feeder

Rotary feeders – use a combination of sealed tubes and valves which allow the material to be fed from silos or storage tanks in a controlled airtight environment. Rotary feeders are often combined with screw feeders and vibratory conveyors to move materials along the production line.

Linear feeders – create a consistent single line of material which can be easily distributed from feeder bowls into containers. Linear feeders are mostly used to distribute components ranging in size and shape.

Bowl feeders – composed of a vibrating feeder bowl atop a conveyor through which components are guided. Sometimes referred to as centrifugal feeders, bowl feeders are one of the most common types of vibrating feeder and are used by a number of manufacturing industries to distribute finished components before packaging.

Feeder accessories

Vibrating feeders often form part of a production line and can be combined with a number of accessories which help speed up the production process. Such accessories include:

Vibrating conveyors – these transport material or components along the production line towards the feeder. They vibrate in a single direction of travel and can be used to transport individual components, raw materials and powder bulk solids. They are renowned for being extremely hard wearing and are not prone to jamming like conventional conveyors.

Grizzly screens – these are used in the mining industry to help pre-screen and grade material before use. Usually installed between the vibrating feeder and crusher they help to classify products for the building, energy and chemical industries.

Why choose Vibroflow

Vibroflow is a leading Australian vibrating feeder manufacturer, with more than a decade of experience supplying feeders of all types to the mining, manufacturing and recycling industries. We can supply a range of feeders and accessories with both sub-resonant and direct drive systems available to suit your specific application.

All our feeders are designed and manufactured in Australia and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can also assist in designing the control interfaces so that operators work efficiently and we offer full support and maintenance contracts for all the equipment we supply.

If you would like more information about our range of products or would like to see one of our feeders in action, get in touch with one of our specialist advisors. As the leading vibratory feeder manufacturer in Australia, we always have a range of products in stock and can supply feeders at short notice if necessary.

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