Vibrowflow Fluidised Bed Coolers

Vibroflow Fluidised Bed Coolers are a complete, customisable cooling, heating or drying solution for bulk goods. We provide expert consultancy for your business to ensure we are able to build fully-optimised solutions for our client's businesses.

Vibroflow Fluid bed coolers are designed to provide high efficiency when cooling, heating and drying bulk goods.

How they work

Fluidised bed coolers utilise heat exchange by moving a gas (usually filtered air) through a bed with perforations to allow airflow. The materials being processed then pass over the perforated bed propelled by conveyor, vibration or air depending on the specific requirements and equipment design. The gas pressure, temperature and type is specifically adjusted to ensure the material is able to remain while liquids attached to it can be ‘fluidised’ and removed.

Why choose a Vibroflow Fluidised bed cooler?

Fluidised Bed Coolers and equipment are capable of processing a wide variety of powders, fibres, crystals and pelletised or extruded materials. Our expert consultation staff can provide all the necessary information and advice for your individual needs. We offer our customers local sales and design support to assist them in making an informed and intelligent decision when planning, designing, installing and operating our equipment.

Who are Vibroflow?

Vibroflow is proudly Australian owned and operated. We are an industry-leading vibratory equipment and Fluidised Bed Cooler Manufacturer. We have been consulting, designing, building, installing and maintaining vibratory equipment for heavy industry since 2002. We make every effort to ensure our products are made by Australians, to Australian standards and that our operation is supported by local suppliers and service providers.

Working with us ensures faster delivery, higher quality, localised experience and support.

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