Industrial vibrating machinery for various sectors

Vibroflow is a premier industrial vibrating machinery manufacturer here in Australia. We work with clients from a range of industrial sectors to help them with their vibrating plant needs.

From vibratory screens to separate different sized pieces of material to spiral elevators designed to raise or lower material effectively, we provide vibratory machinery Australia wide designed to a high technical standard.

Many of our clients find our bin activators, for example, to be useful. If you are working with difficult materials that are inclined to segregate or bridge, or if the materials you use are particularly sticky, a bin activator may be what you require in order to secure a dependable flow. Our bin activators are designed with a timed electronic control system, allowing you to stipulate any operational period lengths for optimal efficiency.

Or if you need to systematically alter the temperature of a bulk material, our fluidised bed coolers may be what you require. They work by circulating air through the unit in question at a specific velocity level designed to carry the particles no matter how heavy they are.

One particular advantage of a fluidised bed cooler is that the level of mechanical vibration is such that a regular and standardised heat transfer takes place each time. Another benefit of this tool is that it is capable of managing particles of all different shapes and sizes.

At Vibroflow, we are committed to helping you find the right industrial vibrating machinery for your needs and help you develop plant which suits any purpose.

About Vibroflow

Here at Vibroflow, we've been in business as a leading vibratory machinery provider since 2002. Our team members, meanwhile, have been in the industry for over twenty-five years, and they have experience in relevant fields ranging from vibratory transportation consulting to research and development. Our clients work in a variety of industries, including timber, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more.

All of our operations here at Vibroflow take place in Australia. This means that our design, manufacturing and installation processes are completely independent of any imports. This benefits our customers in lots of ways: we make the most of the high levels of technical knowledge and training available here in Australia, while our well-located premises in Victoria mean that we do not have to deal with international shipping - so our clients do not have to wait a long time for deliveries.

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