Flip Flow Screens custom designed and Australian made!

Vibroflow supply heavy industries with high-quality Flip Flow Screens designed to remove a wide range of materials from fine powders to wet or sticky substances.

Based in Victoria and entirely Australian owned and run since 2002, Vibroflow’s engineers and consultants have over 25 years’ experience in the vibratory equipment industry and provide all the information required to assist in the planning and design of the appropriate Flip Flow Screens for your plant requirements.

Screen options:

Some generic screen options available are steel woven wires and perforated plates. Customers have the option of equipping the steel woven wires with ripple or piano string style decks. Vibroflow also supplies steel anti-blinding wedge wires which operate to significantly reduce pegging and blinding in the processing of certain materials.

When treating wet or sticky substances, Polyurethane tensioned mats or panels are popular options to consider. Installing Rubber screens can also enhance the processing performance of various wet materials.

Vibroflow provides consultancy to assist you in making an informed decision on the right screen for your plant objectives. As a Flip Flow Screen manufacturer in Australia, Vibroflow customers experience faster delivery times, quality Australian-made products, with local experience and knowledge of industry needs. The support from our Australian-based sales team means customers can organise, plan and design their products with confidence from start to finish.

In addition to Flip Flow Screens, Vibroflow also has a full product line of other quality equipment such as vibratory feeders, vibratory conveyors, vibrating screens, vibrating grinding mills, vibratory crushers, bin activators, storage pile dischargers, spiral conveyors, compaction tables and fluidised bed coolers. Contact our engineers and consultants for all your vibratory equipment needs.

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