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Factory testing

Casting Conveyor


A foundry needed to install a vibratory conveyor to transfer aluminium runners from a robotic casting station at a rate of 20tph to scrap bins over a distance of 5m. The system was originally designed with hinged steel belt conveyor but that was proving to be a maintenance issue.

Also, the movement needed to be quiet as there are personnel working in the area.


Vibroflow offered a sub-resonant tuned twin mass system because of its energy efficiency benefits as well as to satisfy the client’s desire to electronically adjust the stroke by changing the electrical input frequency via VSD.

The conveyor also needed to operate with minimum noise due to the plant’s strict requirements so the drive angle was shallow and rubber cushioning was inserted under the liners to reduce the noise level.

Features of this conveyor include:

  • Rubber backed steel liners on all material contact surface areas.
  • Large overhang to allow material to centralize in the bin.
Rendering of vibrating conveyor for castings.
Factory testing of vibrating conveyor for castings.
Factory testing
Factory testing of vibrating finger screen for waste.
Factory testing
Vibroflow Reference J288
Industry Foundry
Product Aluminium Casting
Equipment Type Vibrating Conveyor
Drive Sub Resonant
Liner Bisalloy
Support Steel Coil Spring
Construction Mild Steel
Motor Qty 1
Length (mm) 7136
Width (mm) 1020
Height (mm) 1226
Capacity (tph) 20